Friday, October 07, 2005


After this weeks post on the Catatonics I received a request for the Clitboys, so here you go. Featuring 7 tracks of speedy midwest meat & potatoes hardcore, We Don't Play the Game is the Clitboys lone EP, released in 1983. As I mentioned in an earlier post this 7" was booted along with Active Ingredient's Bringing Down The Big Boys EP, the Catatonics Hunted Down EP, and Mecht Mensch's Acceptance EP on one LP. An interesting compilation of some forgotten records. As for the Clitboys, well I have no idea what became of the members. Someone out there can probably fill in the blanks.

Clitboys - No Such Thing.mp3
Clitboys - Have Faith.mp3
Clitboys - Sheep.mp3
Clitboys - Gay's OK.mp3
Clitboys - Slogan Boy.mp3
Clitboys - So Funny.mp3
Clitboys - We Don't Play The Game.mp3