Tuesday, October 04, 2005


The schedule has been pretty tight the past couple of weeks, and this week looks to be no exception. So here's a quick rundown on the 1984 Hunted Down EP from the Catatonics, one of Syracuse's first hardcore bands. Member Belvy K would go on to drum for 7 Seconds and the UK Subs before starting Libertine some time in the late '90's. In addition to this 7" the Catatonics had a cut on the Flipside Vinyl Fanzine Volume 2 that was left off of the CD reissue. The whole 7" was included on a bootleg of four old hardcore singles that included the Clitboys, Active Ingredients, and Mecht Mensch. In between the surface noise you'll hear fast, screaming hardcore in the NYC vein, which to be honest isn't very exciting to me anymore. Still, some punk related history from my adopted home town that isn't about Earth Crisis. "Hunted Down" is the best track, but decide for yourselves:

Catatonics - Never Again.mp3
Catatonics - Bet I Will.mp3
Catatonics - Hunted Down.mp3
Catatonics - What You See and What You Say.mp3
Catatonics - Obstinate.mp3


  • Anyone know a good way to reduce surface noise on MP3's? I've been using Goldwave with some success, but as you can tell there's obvious room for improvement
  • Info and graphic taken from the KFTH Catatonics Page