Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Bellrays

God as my witness, I thought The Bellrays had broken up. Apparently I was misinformed, as their Saturday night date in Rochester attests to. Huh. For a couple of years there the Bellrays were all the rage with their brand of "maximum rock 'n' soul", a mix of punk drive and powerful vocals. The best approximation I could come up with was Patti LaBelle fronting an overamped MC5, take that for what it's worth. 1998's Let It Blast was a staple in my CD player for many months. 2000's Grand Fury was more of the same but failed to stick with me, which may be the reason I drifted away. Since then the Bellrays have released a couple of more discs, including their latest The Red, White, and Black on Alternative Tentacles. Here's a couple from their earlier releases:

from 1998's Let It Blast
Bellrays - Hole In The World.mp3
Bellrays - Cold Man Night.mp3

from 2000's Grand Fury
Bellrays - Heat Cage.mp3
Bellrays - Under The Mountain.mp3


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