Friday, October 21, 2005

Alive and Kicking

So here's another great DC hardcore comp - Alive and Kicking. Released in 1985 on local DC label (and studio) WGNS. This one is pretty solid from beginning to end. United Mutation kick it off with a blast of their twisted, rocking hardcore mayhem, complete with sax. Gray Matter's "Walk The Line" is a rougher, less intense rendition than the version that would appear on the Take It Back 12". Beefeater's track is more punk than funk, Tomas Squip almost sounds like HR at moments on this one. Mission Impossible, featuring a teenage Dave Grohl on drums, play some quality emo-infused DC hardcore (the MI split with Lunchmeat coming in a future post). Marginal Man's eponymous track is rawer than the version on their Identity 12". The only real clunker on the whole comp is Cereal Killer, which plays like KBD toss-off. Take a listen:

United Mutation - Sensation Fix.mp3
Gray Matter - Walk The Line.mp3
Beefeater - War In Space.mp3
Mission Impossible - I Can Only Try.mp3
Cereal Killer - Knife.mp3
Marginal Man - Marginal Man.mp3