Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Strike Under

Despite a flash in time existence (1980-1981) and miniscule output Chicago's Strike Under have several notable distinctions to their credit. First and foremost their Immediate Action 12" was the first release for Chicago's famed electro-industrial label Wax Trax! (Ministry, Revolting Cocks, etc.). Strike Under is also remembered as the starting point for guitarist/voaclist Steve Bjorklund (Breaking Circus, producer) and bassist Pierre Kezdy (Naked Raygun, Pegboy). The band split in 1981, soon after recording the tracks for the Busted At Oz compilation and the Immediate Action 12". And what of this record you ask? Well Flex pretty much shits all over it:

Mid- to slow-tempo HC from Chicago; some Naked Raygun influence, but pretty boring otherwise. [4].

A quick listen and you might agree - the guitar sound is mighty weak sounding on some of the tracks, and the pace is kinda slow. After repeated listens though it grows on you. Everyone knows "Context" from the Killed By Death series, right? It is the standout track on the record, without a doubt. The others are decent, if somewhat undistinguished from their influences. "Sunday Night Disorientation" has lazy, Brit post-punk vibe, while "Closing In" is a mostly instrumental track ala Naked Raygun or The Effigies. "Elephant's Graveyard" reminds me of Radio Birdman or the Fun Things, and "Immediate Action" is a speedy, midwest Hardcore '81 track. Have a listen and decide for yourselves

Strike Under - Sunday Night Disorientation.mp3
Strike Under - Context.mp3
Strike Under - Closing In.mp3
Strike Under - Elephant's Graveyard.mp3
Strike Under - Immediate Action.mp3

Personally, I like the tracks from the Busted At Oz comp better, if only for the grittier guitar sound:

Strike Under - Anarchy Song.mp3
Strike Under - Fucking Uniforms.mp3

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