Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Stretch Marks

I don't usually do requests, but tonight I'm putting up a couple tracks in an effort to thank a reader who seriously hooked me up with some great music and info. Thanks Mike!

The Stretch Marks hailed from the frigid realm of Winnipeg and along with fellow Manitobans Personality Crisis garnered a fair bit of attention in the US hardcore community. The Stretch Marks self-released a 6 song 7" in 1983 entitled Who's In Charge. BYO took note of the band's muscular sound and singalong choruses and signed 'em up, releasing the bands 1984 LP What D'Ya See. Hearing this many years after first listen I have to admit a good portion of the material isn't as remarkable as I remember. Some of the tracks however (i.e. "What D'Ya See", "Turnbuckle Stomp") are loaded with overwhelming energy and still deliver a wallop. My favorites:

From 1983's Who's In Charge EP.
Stretch Marks - Who's in Charge?.mp3
Stretch Marks - Professional Punks.mp3

From 1984's What D'Ya See LP
Stretch Marks - What D'Ya See?.mp3
Stretch Marks - Turnbuckle Stomp.mp3
Stretch Marks - Another Tragedy.mp3