Saturday, September 03, 2005

Sacred Cattle

Another exhumed (and subsequently lost) gem from the Existential Vacuum label, Sacred Cattle is a "lo-fi selection of previously unreleased Texas Punk 1978-1982". I had forgotten this one even existed, as the pressing of 600 rendered it scarce. A couple of weeks ago someone inquired about, which rekindled my desire to hear it. I tracked it down and I wasn't disappointed, it's a quality collection. What you get is four overlooked Texas bands on one 7". All of these tracks are solid - Boy Problems (Austin) deliver some punchy punk, while Vast Majority (Houston) shuffle through two songs. The Ejectors (Fort Worth) track is speedy,old-style hardcore; NCM (Dallas) finish things up with the cool, bass driven "Six Feet Under"

Boy Problems - Participation.mp3
Vast Majority - Poor Sid/Duke is Dead.mp3
Ejectors - Slam Dance.mp3
NCM - Six Feet Under.mp3