Friday, September 16, 2005

Mutiny on the Bowery

By now everyone has heard the news about the impending end of CBGB's, right? In light of that and possessing a myriad of "Live at CBGB" releases I figured why not trot out the Mystic comp Mutiny on the Bowery? I always enjoyed most of the bands and the live sound on this one, and say what you want about Mystic Records, but they've always put out a solid compilation. Mutiny on the Bowery was volume 6 in their "Sounds of USA Cities" series, the previous 5 I have no recollection of. Anyhow, Mystic seeks to capture the vital sound of NYC by recording two live 1986 shows featuring mostly Connecticut and New Jersey bands. Go figure. Most of the material is solid, but I'm partial to Damage and Sharkey's Machine. Below are my favorites:

Adrenalin OD - Pope on A Rope.mp3
Chronic Disorder - Welcome To The Modern World.mp3
Damage - Yah Die Ho.mp3
Seizure - Not Without A Fight.mp3
76% Uncertain - Same Result/Justice For All.mp3
Sharkey's Machine - Chevy Van Blues.mp3
Stisism - I'm a Corpse.mp3