Thursday, September 22, 2005

Lee Harvey Oswald Band

As promised several weeks back, here finally is the mysterious Lee Harvey Oswald Band. Apparently Lee Harvey Oswald was a side project featuring Didjits frontman Rick Sims and graphic artist David Landis (can't verify) hiding behind makeup, wigs, and pseudonyms (Dredge and Zowie Fenderblast). The music is less Didjits mayhem and more NY Dolls inspired sludgy glam rock, featuring distorted vocals, dirty production, and odd covers (Wings "Junior's Farm", and The Amboy Dukes "You Speak Sunshine, I Breath Fire" among them). Or, as TrouserPress describes them: Urge Overkill practicing to be an MC5 cover band

The band'a=s albums can be uneven, varying from balls out rockers to pure dreck. (i.e. the cover of "Locomotion" an example of the latter) 1996's Blastronaut is more polished and poppy than 1994's A Taste of Prison and features a more tracks with Sims on vocals. You decide if that is good or bad. Check it out:

from 1996's Blastronaut
Lee Harvey Oswald Band - Rocket 69.mp3
Lee Harvey Oswald Band - Morphodite.mp3

from 1994's A Taste Of Prison
Lee Harvey Oswald Band - Tinglers.mp3
Lee Harvey Oswald Band - Jesus Never Lived On Mars.mp3

from 1990's Lee Harvey Oswald Band 12"
Lee Harvey Oswald - Steamroller Doggie.mp3


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