Saturday, September 24, 2005

Drinking Is Great

Portland hardcore comp Drinking is Great is dedicated to "the great boozers throughout history" - an appropriate soundtrack for weekend in which the wife and I will be heading out to some of New York State's finest wineries on our annual fall booze run. Released on Poison Idea's Fatal Erection label, Drinking is Great is a snapshot of the hardcore scene in the Rose City circa 1985. 4 bands, 4 tracks, the highlight being Poison Idea's "Laughing Boy" - possibly my favorite track by Jerry A and Tom Pig. The E-13 track is solid, with a great mid-tempo feel. The other two tracks aren't bad, but fall into the vast morass of unremarkable metallic hardcore. Eh, decide for yourself:

Poison Idea - Laughing Boy.mp3
E-13 - Pankreatitis.mp3
Lockjaw - You Dick.mp3
Final Warning - I Quit.mp3