Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Double 0

I've always been fascinated by the split releases that Dischord Records has been putting out for many years (see the Reptile House post for another). During the height of my record collecting days my goal was to own a copy of every half release on Dischord. That never came to fruition, though with the advent of the digital age I've been able to track many of the songs down. Which brings us to Double O and their self-titled 7" EP. Double O formed in 1981, comprised of former Youth Brigade and Red C members. Their lone EP was released in 1983, just as the band split. Alternately referred to as "You've Lost" after the first track, this release was a split between Dischord and DC's R&B records, listed as Dischord 10 1/2. 5 tracks of punchy, mid-tempo hardcore that everyone compares to the Faith, a comparison that is good enough for me. The record is infamous for including synth sounds on "Death of a Friend", pure heresy at the time. Take a listen:

Double O - You've Lost.mp3
Double O - Is It Better.mp3
Double O - Gray to Black.mp3
Double O - Death of A Friend.mp3
Double O - There's No Reasoning.mp3


  • A double 7" of the bands demos were released as Double Barrelled years ago. I've never heard this to comment on the quality
  • KFTH has a nice Double 0 page
  • Double 0 interviews, etc at DementLieu Punk Archive