Saturday, September 10, 2005

Don't Fear The Reaper

This is a part two of sorts to the Heroin Hates You post from July, this one involving bands who've had members take their own lives. Sadly, there is a recent addition to the list: Stevo Jensen, original vocalist and songwriter from the Vandals. Below is a list of some of people who've succumbed to their personal demons

Nirvana - Been A Son.mp3
While not a huge Nirvana fan I'll remember the moment I heard about Kurt Cobain's death - I was in a record store and happened to be checking out the only copy of Big Black's Headache 12" (with the limited edition cover) that I had ever seen. The clerk joked that the cover model was Cobain, and then explained what he had just heard. Creepy

Joy Division - Shadowplay.mp3
a brief writeup on the life and death of Ian Curtis.

Plasmatics - Monkey Suit.mp3
vocalist Wendy O. Williams, in the woods, with a shotgun.

Reagan Youth - (Are You Really) Happy.mp3
The story behind Dave Insurgent's suicide - truth or urban legend?

Battalion of Saints - Second Coming.mp3
I know someone in this band has offed himself, but I don't know who. I could probably fit Battalion of Saints into any death related post.

Christian Death - Figurative Theatre.mp3
original vocalist Rozz Williams hung himself in 1998

Vandals - Legend of Pat Brown.mp3
Original singer Stevo Jensen overdosed in late August 2005 .

Dead Milkmen - Tiny Town.mp3
Most "joke" bands songs don't stand the test of time, and that is sadly true for most of the material by the Dead Milkmen. Still, I met them a couple of times after shows and they simply were some of the nicest people I'd ever met, funny as hell and completely down to Earth. I was saddened to learn that bassist Dave Blood took his life in 2004.

An incomplete list, of course. Please, share any that I've overlooked.