Monday, August 01, 2005


Most of you probably already know that there were two great bands named X, and while both are worthy of discussion today I'm hyping the Sydney band. X has been relatively overlooked outside of Australia, overshadowed by the bigger acts such as the Saints and Radio Birdman. Those that haven't heard the band however are missing out. Their self-released 1980 LP Aspirations is as worthy of accolades as (I'm) Stranded or Radios Appear. X featured a pummeling rhythm section (Ian Rilen on bass, Steve Cafiero on drums) that drove the action. Raw vocals and noisy guitar slashes from Steve Lucas completed the effect.

After releasing X Aspirations the band was dormant for several years before returning in 1985 with At Home With You. The follow up can be described as more "mature", which is usually a euphemism for emasculated crap. Not in this case however. The guitar and vocals are tamer, there are some horns thrown in on a couple of tracks, and even an acoustic number. Don't let that dissuade you, overall At Home With You is a solid record. This version of the band (Lucas, Rilen, and drummer Cathy Green) would go on to record another LP title And More before splitting again. The past several years has seen X reform, releasing some new material and playing shows. In the mid 90's Aspirations was reissued on CD by AmRep. Morphius reissued At Home With You in 2002

from 1980's Aspirations
X - Revolution.mp3
X - Good On Ya Baby.mp3

from 1985's At Home With You
X - The Feel.mp3
X - Halfway Around The World.mp3


  • Original guitarist Ian Krahe died of suspected OD before the recording of X Aspirations. Original drummer Steve Cafiero died in the 90's from a surgery related issue.
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