Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Wipers

Given that they are one of my all-time favorites, it's high time I got around to doing a proper post on The Wipers. Of course, other bloggers haven't been as derelict in their duties. Check out StrangeReaction's post for some songs and Vinyl Mine's excellent writeup for some knowledge. I personally don't have much to add to the discourse. Basically, when the subject of the Wipers comes up I'll recite talking points on the following:

  • How Greg Sage is one of the true guitar heroes of the underground
  • How the first three albums are (Is This Real? , Youth of America, Over The Edge) are essential listening.
  • How there is no excuse to not own the 3 disc box set containing those three album that was released by Sage in 2002.
  • How Sage deserves props for managing to keep his material available in the face of all the record label bullshit he has endured.

    Sure, some of the later albums were sketchy, but I'll let it slide based on the above and on the fact that even the weakest of albums (i.e. Silver Sail) managed to include a couple of diamonds in the rough. Below are a couple of compilation tracks and live tracks that I've always dug

    Wipers - Same Old Thing.mp3
    originally released on the 10/29/79 compilation on Sage's Trap label. Reissued in 2002 on the History of Portland Punk Volume 1

    Wipers - The Story.mp3
    released in 1981 as part as of the Trap Sampler compilation

    Wipers - Nothing To Prove.mp3
    recorded live in 1982 but released in 1986 as part of Sub Pop 100 compilation.

    Wipers - Moon Rider.mp3
    Wipers - Tell Me.mp3
    recorded live in 1984, released as the Wipers Live. These songs were never included on any studio releases.

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