Monday, August 29, 2005

The Victims - NYC

No, not another post on the great Australian Victims. This is the Victims from New york City. I can't track down any real info on the band, so I'll just give you what I have. In the late '70's the Victims released a couple of seven inches and one LP. Their second 7" has the distinction of being the only non-Glenn Danzig related band to have a record released on Plan 9. Frontman Rick Riley was an emergency guitar fill-in for the Misfits at one time. The band plays some choice NYC '77 style punk rock & roll full of grit and sleaze. Below is the Plan 9 seven inch and a couple of tracks from their lone LP Real Wild Child:
Victims - Annette.mp3
Victims - I Want Head.mp3
Victims - Behind The Times.mp3
Victims - Nervous.mp3

from 1979'a Real Wild Child
Victims - (Gotta Find A) Substitute.mp3
Victims - She's So Hot.mp3
Victims - Dance With You.mp


  • pic swiped from the Punk Rock Picture Sleeve archive
  • If I recall, I believe the Devil Dogs covered "Dance With You" on their Saturday Night Fever album