Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Mecht Mensch

The details of the backstory are lost to me, but here is what I do know about Madison, WI hardcore outfit Mecht Mensch: they formed in the early 80's and would release a cassette split with the Tar Babies (shared membership, alter ego, anyone have the whole story?) before cutting their only 7" - 1983's Acceptance EP. They would also lend plenty of cuts to some crucial US Hardcore compilations - Master Tapes 2, We Got Power, Barefoot & Pregnant, Meathouse, and America's Dairyland.

If anything, you gotta checkout the Acceptance EP - it's their best moment. The twisted, discordant guitars are the highlight, at times reminiscent of fellow Wisconsinites Die Kreuzen. The best part of this? The whole EP is available for downloading on the Tar Babies website:

Download the entire Acceptance EP

The compilation tracks I've heard aren't as distinctive as the EP, but are still pretty decent. A couple:

from the 1982 Meathouse comp cassette:
Mecht Mensch - Land of the Brave.mp3
Mecht Mensch - Revenge.mp3
Mecht Mensch - Government Lies.mp3

from the 1983's Master Tapes Volume 2 LP:
Mecht Mensch - Killer Klowns.mp3
Mecht Mensch - What D'Ya Feel.mp3

from 1983's We Got Power comp:
Mecht Mensch - Might Makes Right.mp3


  • This post prompted by Scott@StrangeReaction.com's post on volume 1 of the Master Tapes. Check it out if you haven't already.
  • Anyone have a decent sounding rip of the America's Dairyland cassette they want to share?
  • I posted another Mecht Mensch tune ("Functional Riot") as part of my Barefoot and Pregnant post a couple weeks back.