Thursday, August 04, 2005

the Didjits

Hell yeah, I loved the Didjits. In the early 90's Rick Sims and company satisfied virtually all of my rock needs. Those unfamiliar with this Illinois 3 piece should hurry down to the local record store and pick up any of their albums, pronto. (personal faves are 1993's Que Sirhan Sirhan and 1990's Hornet Pinata). You'll be treated to some adrenaline fueled rawk action. The band's allmusic.com bio provides a spot on take:

(the Didjits) sound was mostly speed-blur garage-band punk with a dash of AC/DC-esque hard rock, but their true inspirations were rock & roll wildmen like Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard, not to mention the guitar heroics of Chuck Berry. Most Didjits albums were virtual catalogs of rock & roll sleaze and vice — sex, booze, drugs, violence, death, Satan, and the like — all rolled into a smart-alecky, Midwestern white-trash act.

The Didjits split in 1994. Sims would briefly join the Supersuckers for their 1995 Sacrilicious LP, in addition to appearing on Fred Schneider's Just Fred disc. In 1997 Sims revived the whole "sharp dressed frontman with an attitude problem" as the leader of the Gaza Strippers (currently in limbo). The songs below aren't necessarily the best of the Didjits catalog - it would be too tough to pare my favorites down. Instead I've chosen to post the bands singles:

from 1989's Lovesicle 7"
Didjits - Goodbye Mr. Policeman.mp3
Didjits - One Dead Hippie.mp3

from 1991's Fuck the Pigs 7"
Didjits - Headless.mp3
Didjits - Give it Back.mp3
(Dickies Cover)

from 1993's Subpop Singles Club 7"
Didjits - Dear Junkie.mp3
Didjits - Skull Baby.mp3
Didjits - Fire In The Hole.mp3 (live)

  • There is some connection between the Didjits and the mysterious Lee Harvey Oswald Band. Anyone know the story?
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