Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Angry Samoans

Hopefully today's mail will include the Rodney Bingenheimer documentary The Mayor of the Sunset Strip. I really don't know why I've waited as long to get it as I have. I spent the mid '80's living in Orange County, and experienced one of the those life altering moments when I tuned into Rodney on The Roq for the first time. If I recall correctly, I believe it was the Germs "My Tunnel" which served as my official introduction to the wonderful sounds of punk rock. I was sold.

20 years later and now I can't help but think of the Angry Samoans when I think about Rodney. At this point I'm sure most of you know all about the infamous Samoans and their special brand of hostility - their 1982 LP Back From Samoa is a study in anti-social behavior - a classic. And I'm sure you already are aware of what was really one of the great punk rock feuds of all time - The Angry Samoans versus Rodney Bingenheimer. As I know it the Samoans started it all with "Get off the Air", a track that went right for the jugular, brutally savaging Bingenheimer. the DJ responded by threatening legal action and reputedly getting the band blackballed from LA's clubs. Legend has it that the band released a four song EP under the name of the Queer Pills in order to garner airplay on Bingenheimer's show. But according to guitarist Gregg Turner:

We never HAD to release anything as the Queer Pills- it was a goof, really. Back From Samoa was taking forever to finish for any number of reasons....we rushed a quick out-take package (7" EP) that we called the Queer Pills. Mainly because it wasn't finished product and we didn't want to jump the gun on relasing the record. But then the mouth of hell opened once more: someone at the pressing tells Rodney to watch out for the Queer Pills 'cos it's really the Angry Samoans in disguise - I think he had actually played it on his show once or twice without knowing it!!

So here's the Queer Pills 7". Rough outtakes from the Back To Samoa sessions - 3 of 'em made it onto the record, with "Time To Fuck" missing the cut.

Angry Samoans - You Stupid Jerk.mp3
Angry Samoans - Time to Fuck.mp3
Angry Samoans - The Todd Killings.mp3
Angry Samoans - They Saved Hitler's Cock.mp3

And just for good measure, here's their tribute from Inside My Brain

Angry Samoans - Get Off The Air.mp3

and while we're naming names why not include the band's take on the state of LA Punk circa 1981:

Angry Samoans - Posh Boy's Cock.mp3


  • "official" Angry Samoans page, featuring some vintage html and possibly some of the worst scans on the net.
  • buy some Angry Samoans crap
  • Queer Pills wasn't included on the Unboxed Set disc from a decade ago. I'm not sure if it has been reissued or not
  • "Posh Boy's Cock" was issued in 1990 on Return to Samoa disk of outtakes and live tracks.