Wednesday, July 27, 2005


15 years after their inception and I still think of Pegboy as the "new" band for guitarist John Haggerty. Haggerty's 1990 departure from Chicago legends Naked Raygun pretty much sounded the death knell for that band. Haggerty however picked up where he left off, teaming up with ex-Bhopal Stiffs Larry Damore and Steve Saylors (and brother Joe Haggerty on drums ) to form Pegboy. The material they would release was at times poppier than Raygun, but carried a dark, muscular sound that killed any cloying sweetness. Sure, Damore was no Jeff Pezzati on vocals, but Pegboy nonetheless produced an impressive catalog that goes toe to toe with the later Raygun material. My personal favorites are 1993's Fore 12" (with interim bass player Steve Albini) and the band's fantastic swan song Cha Cha Damore. The Touch&Go website states the band disbanded in 2000, but I think they've done a couple of reunion shows since. The tracks below are from the 7" appearances:

from 1991's Field of Darkness 7"
Pegboy - Field of Darkness.mp3
Pegboy - Walk on By.mp3

from 1996's split 7" with Kepone
Pegboy - Dangermare.mp3


  • "Field of Darkness" is also on the bands first LP Strong Reaction. "Dangermare" would later appear on Cha Cha Damore
  • Pegboy page at the T&G site has sound samples from the albums
  • buy Pegboy releases