Friday, July 15, 2005

New York Thrash

20 something years later the title "New York Thrash" conjures up quite a different picture than it did in the early '80's. Nowadays when I hear the term "thrash" I think long hair, speed metal, and solos. By comparison the usage on ROIR's 1982 tape compilation is almost quaint. Released at the time that the original punk sound was morphing into the faster, nastier sounds of the hardcore movement, New York Thrash does a solid job of capturing a scene undergoing metamorphis. Most of the tracks were taken from existing releases by the bands, but some were exclusive to the compilation (Adrenalin OD, Fiends, Even Worse, I think). All told, a great sample of the NYC scene as it existed between the end of the classic '77 era and the advent of the aggresive hardcore period. A couple of tracks:

Adrenalin OD - New Year's Eve.mp3
False Prophets - Scorched Earth.mp3
Even Worse - Emptying The Madhouse.mp3
Undead - Social Reason.mp3
The Mad - I Hate Music.mp3
Heart Attack - God Is Dead.mp3
Bad Brains - Big Takeover.mp3

track listing and liner notes from ROIR site
the AOD tracks are exclusive and predate their Let's Barbeque 7".
Bad Brains tracks were from their self-titled 1982 tape on ROIR
False Prophets tracks would appear later on their debut LP
Heart Attack songs are from their 1981 7"
The Mad tracks are from their two singles, Fried Egg and Eyeball
Even Worse and Undead tracks were exclusive

The tape is long gone, but this seems to be widely available on CD. buy New York Thrash

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