Friday, July 01, 2005

Name Droppin' Son of a Bitch

Title courtesy of the always cool Lazy Cowgirls, todays mix is dedicated to the songs named after the icons of music. Pretty simple, so I won't waste time with blather.

Butthole Surfers - Gary Floyd.mp3
the Surfers tribute to Dicks frontman and fellow Texan Gary Floyd. This is the live version from the expanded Butthole Surfers/Live PCPPEP

Immortal Lee County Killers - Robert Johnson.mp3

not sure what this has to do with the legendary blues guitarist, but it's a right powerful track from Love is a Charm of Powerful Trouble

Didjits - Lou Reed.mp3
"saw Lou Reed giving head down in Soho" hmmm.... also name drops Mark E. Smith. From 1991's Full Nelson Reilly LP

Freedom Fighters - Bob Dylan's 119th Dream.mp3
another Freedom Fighters cut, if you want some more info see previous post.

Tar - Barry White.mp3
Jeez, Tar had 3 tracks in this vein - "Barry White", "Dean Martin", and "Les Paul Worries". I chose "Barry" from the Toast LP

Sleater-Kinney - I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone.mp3
the Queens of Rock and Roll. From 1996's Call the Doctor

Minutemen - Political Song For Michael Jackson To Sing.mp3
from the opus Double Nickels on the Dime. Some of my favorite d. boon stream of consciousness...

Conspicuously absent - "Sinatra" by Helmet and the Quadrajets "John Lee Hooker is my Heavy Metal". Play along at home, what else did I miss?