Monday, July 04, 2005

Last Rights

I can't think of a better way to celebrate Independence Day than by posting some material from Uber-American Jack Kelly. Kelly, aka Choke, has spent the past 25 years pissing of punks, vegans, commies and pretty much everyone else while fronting such Boston bands as Negative FX, Stars & Stripes, and Slapshot (amazingly still together - who knew? ). Last Rights may be the briefest and best moment of all of Kelly's bands - Playing all of one show and releasing a two song 7" as Taang #2 in 1984. The two original tracks, "Chunks" and "So Ends Our Night" are both midtempo hardcore numbers celebrating brotherhood, straight edge, and beating the shit out of people. Standard fare for Mr. Kelly. Despite the ridiculous lyrics and inflammatory imagery (i.e. the infamous Hitler sleeve) I still enjoy this record. Taang has kept the Last Rights material (6 tracks all together) in print on CD along with Choke's earlier hardcore efforts in Negative FX. Below are the original tracks from Taang #2 and one additional one from the CD.

Last Rights - Chunks.mp3
Last Rights - So Ends Our Night.mp3
Last Rights - Wasted Life.mp3

Warning: After hearing these tracks you may want to head down to the local fireworks show and either beat the hell out of someone having a beer or punch some dirty hippie in the face. Maybe both. Please, try to exhibit some control.