Monday, July 18, 2005

Husker Du Rarities

The wife and I received our "deluxe" box set of Bob Mould's Body of Song this weekend. I won't go into a detailed review but suffice it to that both discs have been on "repeat" ever since. As most everyone is saying, this album is a nice return to form. I would file it somewhere between Last Dog & Pony Show and Copper Blue in the post Husker Mould discography, take that for what it's worth. I won't be posting tracks from the new LP (given this debate) but I thougth this would be a grand opportunity to post some old Husker Du rarities. The tracks below were gleaned from the Savage Young Du and Up in the Air boots, in addition to live tapes. Enjoy!

from their first demo tape (1979)

Husker Du - Sore Eyes.mp3

An outtake from the 1980 Statues sessions
Husker Du - Writer's Cramp.mp3

Live July, 1981 as part of the Children's Crusade tour
Husker Du - Private Hell.mp3
Husker Du - Call on Me.mp3

Outtake from 1983's Metal Circus 12"
Husker Du - You Think I'm Scared.mp3
Husker Du - Today's The Day.mp3

FYI... I've gone back and reactivated a couple of other tracks in my post from October 2004
Also, pics and info from the exhaustive Husker Du Database

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