Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Brides

Given the recent craziness at home and work I was looking for something quick and dirty to put out there, and The Brides fit the bill perfectly. This Chicago four piece unit released two snappy singles on Rip Off Records in 1997 and 1998 before closing up shop. Blink, and you missed them (which is what I did). A posthumous 3 song 7" appeared in 2001, featuring one studio cut and two live tracks, one a cover of the Pagans "I, Juvenile". All in all the Brides entire catalog works out to be 15 minutes of sneering, high energy action. Their first single "Pushed Around"/"Get To You" is essential. Here are the "A" sides:

The Brides - Pushed Around.mp3
The Brides - Bad Attitude.mp3
The Brides - Born in a Grave.mp3

By request I've added the "b" side to Born in A Grave:

The Brides - Radio Suicide.mp3
The Brides - I, Juvenile.mp3

>> The Rip Off releases are still available from Mordam or Interpunk