Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Despite being early label-mates of the Cows and Unsane, Minneapolis' Bastards never achieved the recognition of their more celebrated noise rock brethren. Perhaps this is a function of their relatively short life span (1987-1990) and limited body of work, which consisted of 3 singles, an LP, and a couple of compilation tracks on Minneapolis' Treehouse label. The Bastards sound is typical of the genre - thick guitars, evil sounding bass and growling vocals. Guitarist/vocalist Joachim Breuer would continue to mine this territory, going on to front Janitor Joe and later Gnomes of Zurich. German label Glitterhouse would compile the singles (minus one track - "Neighbors") as You Didn't Give A Damn About the Exploding Man Because You Killed Him EP. Some tunes:

From Exploding Man (1988)
Bastards - Shit For Brains.mp3
Bastards - Frank.mp3

From 1989's Monticello LP
Bastards - Razor.mp3
Bastards - Monticello.mp3

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