Friday, July 08, 2005

Are We Too Late For The Trend?

Are We Too Late for The Trend? stands as one of the great early US punk documents. Released on the Electric Slum Recordings in 1979, Are We Too Late... featured 13 bands from the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas and holds up well over 25 years later. Flex describes fairly accurately:

Punk rock all over, no new wave bore at all. What's missing are the real smash hits, obviously the bands kept their best material for their 7"s. Still this is a good sampler.

While it's true that there really aren't any "smash hits", there are plenty of cool, worthwhile tracks. I mean, compared to so many early comps that were all over the place musically this comp is pretty solid, especially for focusing on one relatively small geographic area.

Vomit Pigs - My Face Is On Your Lunchbox.mp3
Infants - Giant Girl In the 5th Grade.mp3
Blindate - We're Not Here.mp3
E=MC2 - Rocket Rocket.mp3
Skuds - Dead Dogs.mp3
Nervebreakers - I Love Your Neurosis.mp3
Plastic Idols - Siamese Love.mp3

>> In the late 90's the best tracks (Infants, Skuds, Nervebreakers, Blindate) were booted as Are We Too Late For The Money?. Around the same time a couple of outtakes from the original sessions were released on Existential Vacuum as Unquestionably Late For The Trend
>> The Nervebreakers site has some mp3s and tons of historical info
>> Photo courtesy of Break My Face, which has info on many of these bands
>> Check out the Texas Punk discography for additional release info for the above bands.