Monday, July 11, 2005


Photo and information courtesy Ryan Richardson's Break My Face

Here's some more quality Texas punk for you to kick off a new week. AK-47 were a 5 piece from Houston that released one 1980 single featuring the incendiary anti-cop rant "The Badge Means You Suck". A listen to this track and Really Red's "Teaching You The Fear"* helps to paint quite an ugly picture of Houston cops. In fact, this single caused such a ruckus that the Houston PD actually sought to sue the band. According to the guitarist:
Within a week of the single's release, the Houston Police Officer's Association filed a one-million-dollar lawsuit. Jim, Tim, and Sleepy quit the band the next day. Because we had all used pseudonyms on the record jacket, the H.P.D. claimed to be unable to serve the papers. Nothing ever came of the lawsuit, but we got some free publicity and sold out our first pressing (500 copies). We did a second pressing, and it eventually sold out as well.

"The Badge Means You Suck" has been included on Bloodstains Across Texas. Additionally the full single (b-side "Kiss My Machine") has been included on the Deep in the Throat of Texas compilation and the Outlaws in My Eye - Texas CD. Track them down if you can. Enjoy both tracks:

AK-47 - The Badge Means You Suck.mp3
AK-47 - Kiss My Machine.mp3

* I've always interpreted "Teaching You The Fear" as an anti-cop song, though I've heard others counter that it's about KKK type terror. Anyone know definitively?