Tuesday, June 14, 2005


When I think of Norwegian rock superstars Turbonegro I can't help but conjure images of Satan, makeup, and gay rodeos. Pure schtick. Anyone worried I'm going to post some mp3's from any of the last three Turbonegro albums can rest easy. While they may be riding the crest of their popularity (saw 'em on Viva La Bam fer crissakes) I lost interest once their image superceded their music. I was never a fan of bombastic glam gimmericky and the assfuck arena rock sound Turbonegro started peddling 8 years or so ago. No, I'm more interested in the vital albums released from 1992 through 1996. This incarnation of Turbonegro coined the term "deathpunk" and delivered the goods with tracks featuring crushing guitar, desperate vocals, and dark humor. I can't listen to this and not think of latter day Poison Idea. Other's have referred to Turbonegro as "Radio Birdman meets Venom in an institution for sexually abused retards" which is strangely fitting.

So what are my personal recommendations? If you can only buy one Turbonegro album, make it 1996's Ass Cobra. If you got cash for two, pick up their first full length Hot Cars and Spent Contraceptives. 1994's Never is Forever is a more melodic offering, but still aint shabby. Some samples:

from 1996's Ass Cobra
Turbonegro - A Dazzling Display of Talent.mp3
Turbonegro - Turbonegro Hate The Kids.mp3

from 1994's Never is Forever
Turbonegro - Timebomb.mp3
Turbonegro - (He's A) Grunge Whore.mp3

from 1992's Hot Cars and Spent Contraceptives
Turbonegro - Suburban Anti-Christ.mp3
Turbonegro - Vaya Con Satan.mp3

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