Tuesday, June 28, 2005


None of the Above - N.O.T.A. for short - were an under appreciated hardcore band from Tulsa, OK. Despite an 8 year run from 1979 to 1987 the band only produced a modest body of work. 1983 saw the release of their demo tape Live At The Crystal Pistol, which directly lead to Maximum Rock 'n' Roll including them on Welcome to 1984 international compilation. In 1984 N.O.T.A. released their first EP, the Moscow 7", on the Unclean label. 1985 saw the band switching to the Rabid Cat label (at the time home to the Offenders and Scratch Acid) and releasing the Toy Soldiers EP and an eponymous album. While some of the material sounds dated, a good portion still sounds fresh, a testament to N.O.T.A.'s ability to temper their breakneck hardcore with elements of classic, catchy punk. Some tracks*

*Apologies in advance, some of the tracks, especially the Toy Soldiers ones, suffer from poor production, surface noise, static, etc. My attempts at using Goldwave to reduce the noise and add some low end may have actually made the sound worse. Just so you know.

from the Moscow EP:
N.O.T.A. - Taking Away your Rights.mp3
N.O.T.A. - Moscow.mp3

from the Toy Soldiers EP:
N.O.T.A. - Toy Soldiers.mp3

from the None of The Above LP:
N.O.T.A. - Identity Crisis.mp3
N.O.T.A. - On The Pavement.mp3
N.O.T.A. - Self Destruct.mp3

>> N.O.T.A. reformed in the '90's and released a couple of records that may still be available. From what I remember it was more in the speed metal vein. Eh...
>> Prank Records has reissued the Live at The Crystal Pistol demo, which serves as an excellent introduction to the band. I remember playing my nth generation dub of this tape having excellent sound, so I imagine the reissue sounds great. As far as I know all of the other material is OOP. Buy Live at the Crystal Pistol