Monday, June 13, 2005

Koro - 700 Club EP

To be honest, for years I thought Koro were a Japanese hardcore band (I had them confused with Kuro). Somewhere along the line I learned that Koro were actually a group of teenagers from Knoxville, TN. In 1983 they pressed up 300 copies of their one and only EP. [EDIT - 500 copies pressed, 200 were "lost" when given to Jello Biafra to distribute] This record now goes for big bucks (I saw one on Ebay two weeks ago go for close to $700). Most descriptions I've read mention Pick Your King era Poison Idea,Void or Deep Wound when making comparisons to Koro, which is good enough for me. All you really need to know is this records contains 8 short blasts of blazing hardcore. I believe this has been booted a couple of times and may be available. But just in case you can't find it and don't have an extra $700 here it is in it's entirety:

Koro - 700 Club.mp3
Koro - Selfless.mp3
Koro - It's OK.mp3
Koro - Government.mp3
Koro - Dear Sirs.mp3
Koro - Blap.mp3
Koro - Nauseous.mp3
Koro - Acid Casualty.mp3

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