Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Horrors

"This is how they do rock and roll in Cedar Rapids, Iowa" proclaims the The Horrors bio and I'll take their word for it. Hell, I wish this was how the did r'n'r in my town - a wild rock&blues&rockabilly stew that sticks in your throat. The Horrors appeared on the scene in 1998 with a noisy live split 7" with the Pee-Pees before hitting the big time in 2000 with their debut LP on In The Red. Skronky, sleazy, out of tune, man the debut was a mess. Enjoyable and rocking, but still a mess. In 2003 the band returned with Vent. This was an album that delivered on the promise that lay hidden beneath the feedback and slop of the first LP. Produced by Greg Cartwright the sound is easier on the ears but still full of grit. Vent was one of my favorite albums of 2003. Fans of the Oblivians, Doo Rag, and the Hunches will dig this . A couple to stomp to:

from 2003's Vent LP
The Horrors - Swoop Down.mp3
The Horrors - Briar Patch.mp3

from 2000's self-titled release
The Horrors - The Next Train That I See.mp3
The Horrors - Dot Com Stomp.mp3

A track from their 1998 split 7"
The Horrors - Every Inch of my Love.mp3

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