Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Freedom Fighters

Jesus, I'll be lucky if I can pull together a full paragraph together on Minneapolis' Freedom Fighters, because, man, there ain't scratch out there on these guys. A two guitar/drum trio, the Freedom Fighters seemingly appeared out of nowhere in 1997 and scored an album on Amphetamine Reptile entitled My Scientist Friends (I think one of the members was an AmRep staffer). As you would expect from AmRep the Freedom Fighters deliver an album full of of brawny, dark noise rock. The closest comparison music wise would be to fellow AmRep alum Guzzard, but with a spacey garage edge. Hell, a couple of tracks hint at some Cows-like weirdness and even a dose of Drive Like Jehu (see "1 Arm, 2 Legs"). All in all My Scientist Friends stacks up as probably my favorite latter day AmRep release. As far as I know this is the only known Freedom Fighters release. If anyone has additional info please let me know. Some samples:

Freedom Fighters - Steve Davidson.mp3
Freedom Fighters - One Arm, Two Legs.mp3

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