Friday, June 10, 2005

Can't Take The Heat

I was planning a little summer music for a couple of weeks later, but given the early heat wave we've experienced the past week I just had to move it up. 4 days of temps in the 90's and high humidity is enough to make us upstate New Yorkers curl up and hide underground. No shit, it's been pretty sticky and miserable. As it stands I'm sitting in a pool of sweat typing this. Not a pretty picture. Here are a couple of hot summer treats:

Lazy Cowgirls - Bullshit Summer Song.mp3
A no bullshit classic from 1987's Tapping the Source. God love ya, Pat Todd.

Knockout Pills - Summertown Rundown.mp3
If you live in Tucson you've earned the right to bitch about the heat. Energetic pop punk from their great 2004 LP 1+1=ATE.

FM Knives - Summer Holiday.mp3
another poppy blast from 2003's Useless and Modern

Go! - Long Hot Summer.mp3
NYC hardcore courtesy Mike Bullshit and Co. From the 1990 7" Why Suffer?

Overkill - Hell's Getting Hotter.mp3
LA punk, from their 4 song debut EP in 1982. Another record from the SST 'MIA' series.

Bassholes - 98 Degrees in the Shade.mp3
lofi trash from their 1992 debut 7" on In The Red

Archers of Loaf - Smokin' Pot in the Hot City.mp3
fire one up and turn on the AC. A mellow instro to finish things up, originally the b-side to "Harnessed in Slums", comped onto the singles collection Speed of Cattle