Friday, June 17, 2005

Barefoot & Pregnant

conceived as quick and cheap way to promote local Minneapolis punk bands, Barefoot & Pregnant was released in 1982 as a hyper limited (20o copies), cassette only compilation on Reflex records. Consisting of live recordings, demos, and outtakes Barefoot & Pregnant often sounds like shit, but serves as an interesting historical document. Some of the bands (Husker Du, Replacements, Loud Fast Rules (pre-Soul Asylum) left an indelible imprint on the '80s music world, while others such as Rifle Sport, Man Sized Action, and Mecht Mensch have become cult favorites. Any info on additional participants include Lou Santacroce, Idol Threat, In Decision, and Red Meat, was beyond my googling capabilities. Anyhow, here is the cream of the crop:

Husker Du - Target.mp3
an earlier version than that which appeared on Everything Falls Apart.

Idol Threat - Sick On England.mp3
midtempo melodic sound with definite britpunk ovetones. Check out that X-Ray Spex style sax.

Rifle Sport - No Money.mp3
a different sound than the Rifle Sport I remember. I love the chaotic organ, reminds me of "Land of the Living" by the Thought Criminals

In Decision - I Wanna Be Black.mp3
a Lou Reed cover with speed and attitude

Man Sized Action - Yea!.mp3
great sounding stuff in the Burma/Wire post-punk vein

Mecht Mensch - Functional Riot.mp3
Pre Tar Babies from Madison, WI. Driving early 80's hardcore.

  • Barefoot & Pregnant was reissued in 1998 on Garage D'Or by original producer Reflex Records label guy Terry Katzman
  • Original insert from Paul Hilcoff's amazing Husker Du Discography
  • Failed to mention Tulsa Jacks, which was studio project featuring Bob Mould, Chris Osgood, and Tommy Stinson. The track on the comp is "Let's Lie" and it is pretty freaking disappointing, given the participants.