Monday, May 02, 2005

The Victims

It's Murder Punk Monday here at SiLT. The Victims were a three piece from Perth, Australia that existed for a brief time between 1977 - 1979. 1978 saw the band release their full body of work - a single and a 5 song EP known as the 'No Thanks to the Human Turd' EP. Speedy, raw Ausie punk, it doesn't get much better than this. These have been reissued in various forms (my copies are from the Murder Punk comps). If you can find it, All Loud on the Western Front includes the two releases and one unreleased track "Perth Is A Culture Shock". Guitarist Dave Faulkner has been fronting the Hoodoo Gurus for the past twenty something years.

from the first single:
Victims - Television Addict.mp3
Victims - (I'm) Flipped Out Over You.mp3

highlights from the 5 song EP:
Victims - High School Girls.mp3
Victims - Disco Junkies.mp3