Wednesday, May 25, 2005


photo coutesy GSL

Anyone who has been reading these tortured ramblings for awhile knows I have a strong affinity for the "Noise Rock" sounds of the '90's. One of my all-time favorites was the Minneapolis godhead trio Hammerhead. After the demise of Hammerhead in 1997 bassist Paul Erickson (aka Apollo Liftoff) and drummer Jeff Mooridian (aka Deft Garlands ) carried on as a two-piece under the moniker of Vaz. Their two albums ( 2000's Demonstrations in Micronesia and 2003's Dying To Meet You) are both crammed with tracks featuring spaced out riffs, scifi lyrics and sleepy, low key vocals. It all adds up to some dense, moody material. Creepy (in a good way) stuff.

Currently operating out of Brooklyn, Vaz have recently added a third member, Adam Mark, on guitar. They have also finished recording their third album which will hopefully be out some time in the near future. A couple of my favorites:

from Demonstrations in Micronesia
Vaz - Blocked By Satellites.mp3
Vaz - Forgotten Classic.mp3

from Dying To Meet You
Vaz - Blue Lip Special.mp3
Vaz - Freon Suite #2.mp3

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