Monday, May 09, 2005

Urban Waste

Another short one due to lack of info. Urban Waste were part of the first of wave of New York City hardcore bands that included the likes of Heart Attack, Kraut, The Mob, etc. The band released one 8 song 7" in 1982 on Mob Style records before splitting. What to expect? Fast and furious hardcore with a nasty guitar sound and some flipped out vocals (especially on "Ignorant"). KFTH has a review that sums it all up nicely. The record has recently been reissued on CD by Mad at The World records, but it has been booted several times over the years. 3/4 of the band went on to play briefly as Major Conflict, but that was 1983. Beyond that I have no idea what became of the band. If anyone has info on the band, subsequent activities, etc then clue me in. I can't seem to find shit on these guys.
Select tracks:

Urban Waste - Police Brutality.mp3
Urban Waste - Public Opinion.mp3
Urban Waste - Ignorant.mp3
Urban Waste - Reject.mp3