Friday, May 27, 2005

The SiLT music meme

I've never been too keen on the whole meme thing. Most of the ones I've come across require too much thought to complete coherently (i.e. they would reveal how truly simple I am). Well one year in and I get passed a pretty straightforward one from Jason at Mystery and Misery. So why not?

Total volume of music files on my computer:
The home pc has ~70 GB of music. Surprisingly my work computer has 1.26 GB - much more than I thought. WTF am I doing at work all day?

The last CD I bought was:
Unsane - Blood Run. Despite the long layoff it sounds just as you would expect it to (heavy and evil)

Song playing right now:
"American Cancer" by the Evil Queens. (you can download track on their music page)

Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me:

Mission of Burma - That's How I Escaped My Certain Fate.mp3
the closing track from Vs. sounds so different than the rest of the album, but who cares? A great little punk rock song that I associate with some fond memories.

Dinosaur Jr. - The Lung.mp3
I remember being blown away when I first heard Dinosaur on the radio way back when. I ran out and bought You're Living All Over Me and was very pleased. For some reason this song always makes me think of warm spring days. Which is nice.

Replacements - Can't Hardly Wait.mp3
an outtake from the Tim sessions that was included in the largely useless "best of" compilation All for Nothing... An underappreciated anthem that always strikes a chord with me.

Pere Ubu - The Modern Dance.mp3
I still have difficulty listening to Pere Ubu in anything more than small doses. When I do listen "The Modern Dance" is usually the first track played. I've always loved the way the sound just washes over you, and you can almost ignore David Thomas' yelping.

Subhumans - Susan.mp3
this one used to get me all teared up. Luckily the team of medical professionals that keep me alive were able to get the medications all balanced out and now I feel nothing when I listen to this. I must be dead on the inside.

This was originally called "Five people to whom I’m passing the baton" but after realizing that these things really do kinda suck I figured I would remove any sense of obligation to continue this thing and just refer to this as
6 people whose sites I really enjoy and make a point to read daily:
Scott at Strange Reaction
Keith at Data Jockey
Tim at Disassemblyline
G at Sex Kittens Compare Scratches
Jim H at Vinyl Mine
Emerson at Old Punks

Do check them out if you haven't already. Please, no more death threats.