Friday, May 20, 2005

Joy Division Covers

This past week (May 18th to be exact) marked the 25th anniversary of the suicide of Ian Curtis. Here we are a quarter century later and the influence of Joy Division can still be heard in various dosages dubbed as the newest and freshest sounds of modern music. Each phase of Joy Division's short career has seemingly left a mark, from the early post-punk sounds of Warsaw through to the dark and desolate soundscapes of Closer. While all of the bands below are "guitar" bands the material runs the gamut of the Joy Division catalog. (though earlier is more prominent, sure) In the realm of Joy Division covers I know of at least one tribute, A Means To An End, which I have not heard it in it's entirety. Curious as to who has covered the band? Here is what looks to be a pretty detailed list of known JD covers. In my collection:

from 2003's Switchblade Tongues, Butterknife Brains
New Bomb Turks - The Drawback.mp3

from 1998's When My Blue Moon Turns Red Again
Bassholes - Interzone.mp3

a demo version. Appears in more polished form on Grippe
Jawbox - Something Must Break.mp3

from Wine is Red, Poison is Blue
Poison 13 - Warsaw.mp3

from the Destruction of Squaresville singles comp
Jack O' Fire - No Love Lost.mp3

from 1994's Mystery of Kustomized
Kustomized - Dead Souls.mp3

So, which of your JD favorites did I miss? I should note that when I originally thought this up a couple of weeks ago I had planned on including the Effigies version of "No Love Lost". I substituted the Jack O' Fire version instead