Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Cosmic Psychos

Now here's a couple from some blokes you can trust. Australia's Cosmic Psychos come across as a couple of regular fellers whose primary obligation now is to their day jobs and family. When they are playing music however you'll be treated to some solid 3-chord aggro thats full of fuzzy, distorted bass and acidic guitar riffs. And while they haven't released a new album in close to 8 years, (1997's Oh, What A Lovely Pie is the last)they have been known to play the occasional gig or even head over to the US and Europe for a small tour (it has been awhile though) Allmusic has a detailed and seemingly accurate overview of the band. Check it out here. As far as I can tell the band releases (on SubPop and AmRep) are still available. If you can find it, 2001's retrospective 15 Years, A Million Beers is a fine place to start. Give us some wah-wah, dirty:

from 1995's Self-Totaled
Cosmic Psychos - Thank Your Mother For The Rabbits.mp3

from 1991's Blokes You Can Trust
Cosmic Psychos - Hooray Fuck.mp3

from the US version of 1989's Go The Hack
Cosmic Psychos - Can't Come In (live).mp3

from the bands 1985 debut Down on the Farm
Cosmic Psychos - Custom Credit.mp3

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