Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Cheater Slicks

photo courtesy In The Red

I'm scratching my head trying to come up with concise and accurate way of describing the Cheater Slicks sound to those unfamiliar. You know, something about two guitars and a drummer, or how the there's a melodic undercurrent buried under the noise and sludge, or shit, just the reputed loudness of the band. Screw it, I'll just go with the self description from the band's website:

Cheater Slicks is a three-man garbage band from Columbus, Ohio, who play dissolute, pounding rock for drunks, burnouts and other losers in life with little else to cling to. Tom Shannon (gtr, vocs), Dave Shannon (gtr), and Dana Hatch (drms, vocs) have held onto their desperate delusions for nigh on 18 years, releasing 8 or 9 albums and occasionally touring the toilets of North America and Europe, generally living on hope.

Personally my favorite albums are the Forgive Thee double set(1997), the Skidmarks compilation (1998), and Refried Dreams (1999). Their most recent is 2002's Yer Last Record. Tough to pick only a couple, but here goes:

Cheater Slicks - Spanish Rose.mp3
from 1995's Don't Like You

Cheater Slicks - In This Town.mp3
A desolate sounding cut from from Refried Dreams.

Cheater Slicks - Dark Night.mp3
from the unreleased first album in 1989. Issued as part of the Skidmarks compilation

Cheater Slicks - Ghost.mp3
fulfilling a request, from Forgive Thee This is a long one at 7+ minutes

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