Monday, April 04, 2005

The Weirdos

Los Angeles produced so many classic punk bands and labels that it's tough to label one as the best or the first or so on, so I'll avoid those superlatives when talking about the Weirdos. If they weren't the best, or the first, then at least an argument can be made that they created one of LA's (if not the US) best early punk singles with the "We Got The Neutron Bomb/Solitary Confinement". In fact, the first 2 singless by the Weirdos are essential listening for fans of raw and gritty US Punk.

Unfortunately, the Weirdos weren't able to keep that rough edge for the next two 12" releases . They're not bad ( I prefer Action Design to Who What Where When Why), but once you've heard "Neutron Bomb" and "Solitary Confinement" it's tough to reconcile with the calmer material. Take a listen:

From 1978 Dangerhouse 7"
Weirdos - We Got The Neutron Bomb.mp3
Weirdos - Solitary Confinement.mp3

From 1977's Destroy All Music 7":
Weirdos - Life of Crime.mp3
Weirdos - Why Do You Exist?.mp3


  • Weird World Volume 1 compiles the singles and demos from 1977 to 1981
  • The Weirdos official site. The band is currently active again.
  • cool band history from John Denney via Break My Face
  • Deja Vu? I thought Jim over at Vinyl Mine had done a post about the Weirdos and sure enough he had. I unintentionally reiterate almost all of the points he made earlier. Errr....