Friday, April 22, 2005

Sex On The Brain

The Male Brain

The Male Brain

Spring busts out pretty late in my neck of the woods, but this past week we've been treated to sunny skies and pleasantly warm temperatures. And as the temps rise the clothing gets skimpier and skimpier and it's not long before a young man's thoughts turn towards the.... uh, prurient. Lascivious, lewd, and lecherous thoughts running through the mind. Yep, I'm talking about the ancient art of fornication. I'll stop there before I cement my image as a dirty old pervert. Remember, I'm a fine, upstanding family man . But you know how it goes. Here's hoping y'all can scratch that itch:

Black Flag - Slip It In.mp3
from their 1982 demo tape. I love the falsetto "slip it in's" in the background

Kraut - Matinee.mp3
from their 1982 Unemployed 7"

Dwarves - Fuck 'Em All.mp3
so many Dwarves songs to choose from, this one fits the bill as well as any others. From Thank Heaven For Little Girls

Turbonegro - Denim Denom.mp3
A little man on man action. From 1995's Ass Cobra

Gun Club - Sex Beat.mp3
from 1981's masterful Fire of Love

Naked Raygun - No Sex.mp3
story of my life, it seems. From 1984's Throb, Throb

Let me know you're suggestions for this theme - any good shagging songs?