Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Straight to the point tonight. In the mood for some brawny indie rock? Take a listen to Kustomized. From 1993 through 1997 or so Kustomized was the vehicle for former Mission of Burma drummer and Volcano Suns lead man Peter Prescott. Playing a mix of big guitar, post-something or other slop, Kustomized released 2 LP's and an EP for indie label Matador. A listen to the first two releases (Mystery Of... and Battle for Space ) today proves that the material could be hit or miss, but I still enjoy the surf and spook undertones of the finale At The Vanishing Point. A couple:

from The Mystery Of...
Kustomized - Big Trick.mp3

From The Battle for Space
Kustomized - Throw Your Voice.mp3

from At The Vanishing Point
Kustomized - Hound.mp3


  • Buy Kustomized releases
  • photo diary of 1996 tour by Paul Hilcoff
  • Original Kustomized drummer was Kurt Davis AKA Yukki Gipe, vocalist for Bullet LaVolta.