Thursday, April 28, 2005

God and Texas

A quick overview of God and Texas - Powerful and Noisy. Is that enough? There ain't a whole helluva lot of info on the band available but here is what I remember: God and Texas were a trio from Athens, OH who recorded and released several albums and singles from 1989 through 1994. Somewhere along the way the got picked up by Restless records and released a couple of decent albums (Criminal Element and Double Shot). Their best work though was their second LP History Volume 1. It's a fucking bulldozer. Rave records packaged this LP along with their first album Industry Standard into one 80 minute CD, but that is way outta print. Guitarist and singer John Humphrey went on to form the indie blues duo Cash Audio. Here's a couple from History Volume 1:

God & Texas - 1979 Under God.mp3

God & Texas - Amalgamator.mp3

and from the bands 1991 split single with Pain Teens
God & Texas - 1066.mp3