Monday, April 18, 2005

Dicks - Live At Raul's

Dicks/Big Boys - Live at Raul's

Reading about the Dicks 2004 reunion show over at Lexicon Devil got me thinking about the current state of their body of work. Shit, I remember being excited years ago when I first heard of the impending Dicks retrospective CD on Alternative Tentacles. Here was a chance to finally hear the Kill From The Heart LP and the band's side of the Live at Raul's split with the Big Boys. In reality though the reissue was a big letdown, leaving many gaps. Specifically, only 2 of 3 songs froms the first 7", 4 of 10 from Live at Raul's, and 5 of 12 from the criminally out of print Kill From the Heart (though I'm sure few are weeping over the exclusion of "Dicks Can't Swim"). More than half of the AT released These People made the cut though, raising calls of "bullshit". My personal take is this would have made a nice double disc, one being dedicated to first incarnation of the band from Austin, a second for the San Francisco version. Then again, I ain't in the record business. Just my 2ยข

Back to the Live at Raul's set: Recorded September 19 and 20 at Raul's Nightclub in Austin. 7 of the 10 songs were released on this set only, and they are some of the Dicks best stuff. Take a listen:

Dicks - Fake Bands.mp3
Dicks - Dicks Hate The Police.mp3
Dicks - Dead in a Motel Room.mp3
Dicks - Babysit.mp3
Dicks - Shit Fool.mp3

in 1990 Selfless Records issued a Live at Raul's double 7", 4 tracks apiece for the Dicks and Big Boys. The kicker? One of the tracks by each band was previously unreleased. Here's the Dicks unreleased track:

Dicks - Kill From The Heart.mp3

And, oh by the way, Idle Time Archive has some photos from the Dicks 2004 Austin, TX reunion show.