Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Controllers

Back from a long work related weekend in Massachusetts, so I plan on keeping it short tonight. A couple weeks back I posted The Weirdos and their amazing "We've Got The Neutron Bomb" 7". In keeping things balanced it's only fair that I post "the original" "Neutron Bomb" by early LA punks The Controllers. "Neutron Bomb"/"Killer Queers" was originally released on What? records in 1977, just before the Weirdos released their version. There is talk of a feud over the song name, but after almost thirty years who knows what is truth and what is fiction.

As for the Controllers, they would go on to release a second 3 song 7" and a contribute tracks to the classic Tooth and Nail compilation before splintering in 1979. The goods:

The Controllers - Neutron Bomb.mp3
The Controllers - Killer Queers.mp3