Monday, April 11, 2005

Bored Youth

I'm gonna need your help on this one, as information is scarce. Bored Youth were an early Detroit hardcore band, part of the burgeoning Touch & Go scene (Necros, Fix, Meatmen, etc.) They never had an official release, but their 11 song demo tape from 1981 was released as Touch and Go, part of the Lost & Found 7" box set. I remember hearing that this was to be an official Touch & Go release that didn't pan out for some reason. (info, please!) Eh, it's all hazy. The sound is a bit rough, but that skronky guitar and the snotty vocals makes up for the lack of fidelity:

Bored Youth - Warning.mp3
Bored Youth - To Label is to Limit.mp3
Bored Youth - No Chance.mp3
Bored Youth - Outcast.mp3