Monday, March 28, 2005

The Saints

After Friday's blasphemous offerings I figured I had to get myself right with the big boss man. I needed something, I dunno, ecclesiastical. No MxPx or Relient K or assorted 'Jesus Loves You' here so I'm forced to go on band name alone. Hence, the Saints. Anyone unfamiliar with this Australian act can get up to speed here. In essence the Saints were propelled by the tandem of singer Chris Bailey and guitarist Ed Kuepper. Their catchy, guitar heavy first single - 1976's "I'm Stranded" - landed them the label "punk". (though they would shed the associated restrictions of the genre soon enough) Their first album (I'm)Stranded was marked by a relentless guitar sound and rough vocals. It rightly deserves a position in the list of top punk albums of the '70's.

The Saints relocated from Brisbane to London after the release of (I'm) Stranded and released their second LP Eternally Yours. Adding horn arrangements, acoustic guitar, and sneering vocals on top of the sharp guitar work resulted in a eclectic, well balanced album with bite. Eternally Yours is a gem - my favorite album by the Saints.

The original lineup disbanded soon after the band's subdued third LP, 1978's Prehistoric Sounds. Bailey would later resurrect the band in various forms, but the fire from the period of 1976-1978 would never be recaptured. Some songs:

From (I'm) Stranded:
Saints - Wild About You.mp3
Saints - No Time.mp3

From Eternally Yours:
Saints - Know Your Product.mp3
Saints - This Perfect Day.mp3

Odd and Ends:

  • If you can find it, Wild About You (1976-1978) contains the first three Saints albums and some unreleased cuts. Highly recommended.
  • An excellent overview of the first two albums at Perfect Sound Forever
  • Detailed history and interview with Chris Bailey at Noise For Heroes
  • Official Ed Kuepper website