Monday, March 14, 2005

Negative Approach

I've heard it said that Negative Approach's 10 song debut 7" may just be one of the finest moments in American hardcore. Who am I to argue? I put this one on for a listen recently (after reading this) and the majority of this material still smokes. The debut 7" and the follow up LP Tied Down are both ferocious slabs of quick, no-holds barred hardcore. John Brannon perfected the angry hardcore vocal. All latter day impersonators should be paying royalties to him. In a "less is more" day I'll get right to the material:

Negative Approach - Can't Tell No One.mp3
The lead track and an all-time hardcore classic.

Negative Approach - Nothing.mp3
The nihilism of the hardcore movement summed up in under 2 minutes

Negative Approach - Whatever I Do.mp3
A short, sharp blast of negativity.

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